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Hi. My name’s Marco Arturo, you can call me Marco. I’m a Mexican



12-year-old who is passionate for science. I was born in October 17, 2003 in Northeast Mexico. I entered school when I was two years old and learned to read at the age of three, which is when I started reading science books and encyclopedias. I quickly became incredibly interested in science, and I’ve changed my view on what I wanted to do when I grew up several times since I was three; a paleontologist, a biologist, a botanist, an astronomer, a physicist, a medical doctor, a chemist, etcetera. At the age of ten, when I wanted to become a physicist, I wrote and published a book on cosmology based on the work of several scientists like Hawking, Einstein, Newton, Galileo and many more. Not that the book was another copy-paste, no. It’s all my own words on a simplified version of my thoughts about their work and basically the work itself. Then I Googled who the youngest Mexican published author was. He was a decade older than me. I felt both proud and disappointed. I felt proud to know that I’m the youngest author in Mexican history, and disappointed because, well, Mexico had no other young authors. In case you’re interested about the book, you’ll have to wait a few more months until I publish the second edition, which I will also translate to the English language.


Anyway, I’ve givenMarco2 speeches to all kinds of events since I was two. I gave a speech to the president once, it was cool. I became known in both the scientific and the anti-science community because of a video I made about vaccines and autism. Go and watch it yourself, in case you haven’t yet, which is highly unlikely. The scientific community loves me, while the pseudoscience community hates me to death. But hey, when the people behind hundreds of years of scientific research love you, while the people who still believe that the Earth is flat and that contrails are poison hate you, you know you’re doing something right. I created this website because reasons. I like to write stuff, so you’ll get a variety of things from me. All the cool kids were writing blogs, so I thought I could join them as well.

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8 thoughts on “About me

  1. I look up to you as a teenager who supports your opinions. You make me want to research and know more about the world so I don’t turn into an opinion-robot and ignore actual research on topics like you do for your posts. Thank you for being you and not giving up on informing and learning! You’re awesome!

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  2. I did a good bit of research on HGH treatments and it seems quite iffy, almost borderline quackery. It’s also quite expensive (say $30k/yr using synthetic HGH). I saw no treatment that recommended or even implied that individual limb application was the necessary method and I see no reason to think that such a treatment type would be necessary or even implied as though somehow your limbs were detached from the rest of your body. Neither do I see you, in your videos and pictures, as an underdeveloped young person. If you have a pituitary insufficiency or cancer I would expect you, given your self-claimed intelligence, to strongly question a treatment like this. No, I am not an MD. Most of them are people who have memorized a LOT of textbooks and/or simply write prescriptions according to iPhone apps. Something just feels wrong about this particular tensor. What’s going on Marco?


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