My first blog and other stuff.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! And welcome, to my first blog! Yaaaaaay!

Anyway, as this is the first blog I’m writing on this platform, I figured I could make it an introduction to my following blogs. Like the first day in class at the beginning of each school-year, which is rather an introduction to the classes the students will be having for the rest of the year than a regular school day. I believe that the other two default blogs I’ve written here (About me, About the blog) have been quite explicit as of the nature of both myself and the following blogs, so I think I’ll also talk a little bit about other stuff.

Now, before I jump into anything else, I just want to point out the fact that I just changed the blog’s cover photo:


I’m sorry, I just love it. It’s hilarious.

Also, I changed my Facebook page’s profile picture for the first time:



Now, before I go into my new, upcoming projects (which is something I’ll do tomorrow, in my next blog), I’ll make a quick update of two things.

The first one is the GoFundMe I created. Chances are you already know of what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, I created a GoFundMe a couple weeks ago asking for a small amount of money (a small own of a million dollars) in order to fix my laptop, in order to write and publish the second edition for my book. I originally asked for $350. I got over $1,200, somehow. I made an official update on the same page about it, and it was basically the way I’ll use the money. A lot of people, including the guy at the electronics store, recommended me to buy a new computer instead for quite a lot of reasons, which are the fact that I’ve had it for quite a long time and it would probably die suddenly a couple months after I fix it, the fact that buying a new laptop will be cheaper than fixing the old one, etcetera. Repairing it would probably cost some $400. I just found a much better laptop at the Best Buy website for $370! It’s touchscreen, 6GB RAM, 1 TB of cache… it’s perfect.

Well, almost perfect.

As I will have a lot of surplus after buying it, I decided to make some sort of a plan to spend it correctly. I originally said that I would spend all of the surplus in charity, but several of the donors asked me not to, because they had donated because they wanted me to have the money as a way to fund me as a person rather than my laptop, or charity. I’ll still donate a part to charity. As of the rest, I don’t know. I’ll probably cooperate with an expensive medical treatment I’ll be taking on a daily basis for at least two years, which consists of daily injections to my arms and legs. Growth hormone, to be specific. Now that I think of it, I might as well write a blog about it in the future. After all, I’ll have to write quite often.
Back to the laptop issue, I haven’t withdrawn the money yet, as I’m not a US citizen with a bank account currently living in the US. However, there’s a solution for that. Part of my family lives in Texas, and they can withdraw the money for me soon and deliver it to my hands.

At the moment, I feel like Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, during the hacking scene.

The second thing I wanted to address is an update of the Charity Week I started as a way to say thank you to my donors in a way that can actually help people who actually need help about stuff that’s more important than a broken laptop. You might have noticed, but I didn’t continue it after the first day, and there’s a reason for that. I’m working hard on a new version of it, a more efficient and organized version, as I like to call it. It’ll probably be difficult to achieve, but I’m just looking for a better version of something I can do right about now, independently from any improvements I would like to add. Which is a statement that can be translated to: I will probably struggle with achieving the final goal I have in mind, but even if it doesn’t work out, my goal just represents an improvement to something I can achieve in a heartbeat by posting a link in ten seconds from now.
A lot of people have sent me requests to be part of it and use my platform as and advantage to even save a couple of lives, and in case you were one of them, hold on. Everyone who messaged me will be a part of it for sure.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the fact that I recently watched Vaxxed, and guess what? I didn’t get cancer! Even though the whole “documentary” was basically audiovisual cancer! I have a theory that the fact that I debated anti-vaxxers 24/7 for months created an immunity that made me resist the whole thing without suffering from spontaneous combustion. So, I’ll write a blog review for it! I’m not sure on whether I’ll write the review for this blog, though. It’s the third most-likely case scenario. Either way I’ll let you know where you can find it and give it a read.

By the way, I’m happy to announce that I am now a part of a blog called “Never Less than Everything” which is a blog about autism, by autistics. I’ll provide a link to it tonight in my Facebook page, and tomorrow in the blog. I’m very happy to write for it, especially since it’s written by close friends of mine. So make sure to follow it as well!

Wow. Well, at first I didn’t know what the heck to write, but my point has been proven; the simple fact that I always skip the main point and end up talking about unrelated things is quite much of an advantage, as it generates more content. In fact, I would keep writing a lot more on this blog right about now, but I won’t for three reasons; first: I want to keep my current developing ideas for my next blog in order to have some original content each time, second: I need to go to sleep (even though I wouldn’t normally as I’m a night owl but my treatment only works in case I sleep at least eight hours after a shot), and third, which is kind of directly related to the second one: I would have probably just kept writing tomorrow, but I publicly announced the publication for tonight, so I need to keep my word straight.

Anyway, thanks a lot for spending two to three minutes of your life reading this introduction to whatever on Earth comes next (SCIENCE!), aaaand I’ll write to you tomorrow!

Auf Wiedersehen.


Buenas noches.
Buona notte.
Gute Nacht.
Bonne nuit.

Aaaaand… I can’t remember any more.

4 thoughts on “My first blog and other stuff.

  1. Looking forward to more blogs. I know you’ve got a lot of research and other things going on, so I hope things pan out. Hit me up if you want to discuss anything in particular, especially about life or life experiences. You know where to find me.


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